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AIJAZUDDIN, F.S., Lahore: Illustrated Views of the 19th Century
By Mapin Publishing Pvt. Ltd, 2004. 176pp, 43 colour and 67 b/w illustartions. As New, Contents Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Map of Lahore. 3. Text and plates. 4. List of illustrations. 5. Acknowledgements. Select bibliography. Index.

Anyone intending to write the history of Lahore requires the tenacity of a mountaineer claims F.S. Aijazuddin who in researching this book followed the route opened by T.H. Thornton and J. Lockwood Kipling in 1876. But working from a bedrock of literary sources did not lead to an easily accessible collection of engravings prints and illustrations. Many of the original water colours drawings and other works by amateur and professional artists in this book come from British collections such as the
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